marți, 27 octombrie 2009

Just friends ?

I love you more every day,
My name I long for you to say.
Do you know just how I feel?
Do you know this love is real?
Sometimes I wonder what you think.
When you hear my name, do your cheeks turn pink?
Do you dream about me every night?
Wish to hug me and hold me tight?
Do you think we're meant to be?
Together forever, you and me?
These are the questions that run through my mind,
Your way into my heart, you did find.
It drives me crazy as to what I should do,
Should I risk a friendship and confess to you?
Or should I keep my feelings inside,
Keep them locked up, let them hide?
I just don't know what to do anymore,
My heart it aches, my heart it's sore.
I love you more than you could know,
And I don't want to ever let you go.
So even if I'm just a friend,
I'll always love you until the end.

4 comentarii:

  1. superb draga mea, bune intrebari :)

  2. Wow i love that poem its great
    take care

  3. After seeing your visit to my blog I came to see what you are about. Lovely pictures and poetry, and although I'm one of those illiterate Americans that can only speak one language I'll visit again soon.