joi, 15 aprilie 2010

Forever My Frist....

Forever shall you be the first
The first I loved
The first I kissed
The first that slipped away
I loved you from the moment we met
We spent one year officially together
But truly many more
With months apart it still seems we never changed our ways
Our ways of how we act
Never is a time we're near each other
That has anger or spite
Only love and dusty memories
Forever shall I love you
Forever shall you be
The only one who knows me
The only one I trust
Forever shall you be the one who holds my heart

7 comentarii:

  1. What a cute snapshot. Kids and animals make for good photos.

  2. ce scumpi is aia micii
    frumoase versurile

  3. Super tare img :X
    si nici poezia nu este mai prejos :X

  4. Te astept la plimbare cu un premiu special!
    Superbe imaginile tale, cu care ma surprinzi de fiecare data, in cel mai placut mod.