duminică, 13 decembrie 2009


Sometimes, falling snow is so beautiful when you can see the flakes against the sky and tree branches.

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  1. congratulations
    I like your blog is very interesting
    I wish you good luck

  2. Good morning, that photo makes it look so cold. Here this morning, not quite 7:40am and still pretty dark outside because it's raining. But if that temp starts dropping, it's going to freeze and be a mess. As long as the weight doesn't take down the power lines, we'll be OK. Right now the temp is about 35, so it could easily turn to snow anytime. But all the water under it would freeze and make a slick mess for everyone. Two daughters have plans to go to Indiana to a football game, they may have to postpone it.

  3. This is a very beautiful photo... : )

  4. Very beautiful, I love the tangle of branches.
    Sunny :)

  5. Hi dear Dyanna,
    Thanks but how can you read our blog .How do you translate the whole page? And are you a Sahaja Yogi(ni) from Romania? Too many questions sorry. YU also have very nice photos. Are they all your shots). Alright no more questions:) Have a nice day.