sâmbătă, 29 august 2009

The Day I Found My True Love

I Love You

The day i found my true love
was a day of happiness and joy
we would talk hours apon hours
of things we like and we would like to do together

then one day a friend helped
me realize that i found
someone that i could hold and love with all my heart until
the end of our days

and when darkness comes we
become creatures of the night
and the night is the only
time we show our deepest
desires to one another

we tell each other we love
one another and till the end
our days we'll never leave
one anothers side and when
we're on our death beds we'll
look at each other and say I
LOVE YOU with our last breath.

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  1. Thank you for your comment in my blog ! The language in my blog is "French"... Because I living north of Paris (France)

    Thierry for "L'homme est un concept"

  2. Que hermoso este poema al anochecer ... Todos pasamos a ser criaturas de la noche y damos paso a nuestros mas bajos instintos.

  3. Well Dyanna, it seems as if your single season is not going to last much longer. : ) Congratulations! (((((HUGS))))) T

  4. Merci de votre visite sur mon blog,
    à bientôt...

    Va multumim pentru vizita blog-ul meu
    ne mai vedem ...
    I hope translation with google is good !!!

  5. Hi Dyanna, thank you very much for your comment. Love this poem, you are very talented, really amazing. I think we have the same goal about finding the true love, I hope, really!
    Please feel free to contact me, it would be a great pleasure. I'm living in England, was born in Portugal.
    Any thing you need, please don't hesitate.
    Thank you.

    Manuel Seixas