miercuri, 5 august 2009

Pisicuţa Miţi

Pisicuta mea Miti,de la tara este un pisoi foarte lenes.Mananca toata ziua,si face pui de doua ori pe an.Oricum,eu o iubesc foarte mult.

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  1. Beautiful cat. Our daughter has a male cat, that looks a lot like yours. She calls him Junior. He was an outdoor kitten, but something had torn it's throat open. She found it in the shrubs, took him to the vet and was told until the stitches healed to keep him indoors. So she got a large cage for him. But soon she fell in love with him, and he started roaming the whole house. Now he has a friend that also lives indoors, called Lady. They have both been neutered, along with five full grown cats that live outside. While she was on vacation for ten days, I had to go to her house twice a day and feed the cats and clean the litter boxes. Every other day I would go back in the evening and set with the indoor cats and watch television and keep them company for a few hours.

  2. This is a beautiful black cat too. Patty, my wife of 54 years, has already told you about her. Above.

    I am still making history on my Pick a Peck of Pixels blog. Today I posted a Zebra Butterfly with long tails. He is as big as your hand. Most have never seen one. Now you can see one at
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  3. e foarte draguta si pare prietenoasa:D Si acum are pisoiasi in burtica sau e atat de grasuta? Eu nu mai am decat un motan negru, dar erau perioade cand aveam si cate 12 pisici pe acasa..

  4. eu la a mea i-am luat o curea antipurici noua, acum e tare mindra, si a mea are 2 puisori :)

  5. Muy bonito .. yo tambien tengo gato, son una ricura!
    Un saludo