duminică, 2 august 2009

Hungry Pigeons

The pigeon flew, the pigeon sat,
I wondered what he was looking at.
Then from above there dove a hawk
I opened my mouth and tried to talk,
But I couldn't even make a squawk.
The pigeon flew:my heart did too.
I didn't know of anything to do!?!
And so I watched the horrifying chase,
There came the pigeon in first place
The hawk behind him all the way,
I thought this sight would darken my day.
But the pigeon didn't let me down,
He flew all the way to the ground.
And under a cage ran the bird
The hawk must have thought this was absurd.
Up flew the hawk, away into the blue.
The pigeon came out and then I knew
That everything would be alright,
The hawk had missed and had no bite.
Then that beautiful pigeon trapped into the loft,
And onto the pine needle nest, so soft.
His squabs tweeted.
He knew just what they needed.
He fed them and then they slept,
I knew then that bird would be one that I kept.
My heart still pounding, I walked slowly back home,
He was my favorite pigeon from then on.

4 comentarii:

  1. minunati porumbei, erau insa si mai frumosi sa fie pestriti, acei porumbei de care sint de obicei pline pietele Europei, insa se pare ca aici nu s-a ocupat nimeni de ei, sa introduca specii noi, exista o piata in spania unde titi porumbeii sint albi, comunitatea locala s-a ingrijit de asta si sint o splendoare.

  2. My dear Dyanna

    Wonderfull poetry.
    I kiss you.


  3. La palomas siempre me han gustado son una señal de liberdad.
    Bonito poema...
    Un saludo.

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